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Dear Members,

The High Holy Days are upon us, and we are thrilled to welcome you back into our beautiful synagogue!

After two years, it will be wonderful to be back in community, TOGETHER!

We will pray together, sing together and connect with one another.

To conclude the Holy Days, we will once again gather as an entire community for a lovely
Break-the-fast outdoors at the Corr's home.
All are invited to join and end the High Holy Days together.

See below for dates, times and opportunities to volunteer!





Tues., Oct. 4th - 7:00 pm


Wed., Oct. 5th

9:30 am Morning Worship Service

3:30 pm Children’s Service on the patio

4:30 pm Yizkor

5:30 pm Neilah

6:15 pm Break-the-Fast hosted by Jonathan & Rae Corr

*Please note, for those compromised and cannot attend in person, we will be streaming the
Erev Rosh Hashanah, Rosh Hashanah, Kol Nidre, and Yom Kippur services.


For those of you watching the services at home, you can download and print a copy of the prayer book we will be using.  Click here to download your copy.





Greeters and Ushers (anyone between 19 and 99) play an important role,
and we are seeking volunteers to help our services run smoothly.  

If interested, please contact Martin Fishman by clicking below:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to email Martin for more info and to volunteer!



Food Barrels will be outside BCC throughout the HHD.
Please consider dropping off canned food and non-perishables to help those less fortunate.

food bank




 Fridays | 7:15 pm

Beth Chaim Sanctuary and Live-Streaming on the Beth Chaim Facebook group & YouTube channel 
Please join Rabbi Dan and Zoe Francesca Goldblatt in person as we welcome Shabbat together in our Santuary! 
Being together in community is a lovely way to bring in Shabbat!  

 Beth Chaim Members: Your Participation is Needed!

Scan the QR Code or click on the link below to view Volunteer Opportunities at Beth Chaim.




Connect with Beth Chaim! 

LIVESTREAM SERVICES can be accessed two ways: 

  1. On our public FACEBOOK Page; and
  2. On our YOUTUBE Channel, "Beth Chaim Congregation Danville," which you can search for in YouTube (click on "YouTube" for access) 




Click the button below to ask Rabbi Dan a question about Beth Chaim Congregation or Judaism that he will answer in his weekly Vlog:





A Personal Welcome to Beth Chaim

dan small newThe traditional words of welcome in the Jewish tradition are “Baruch Habah B’Shem Adonai” which is usually translated as, “Blessed Are You in the Name of God.”  I prefer the translation, “It is a blessing that you have come, to make us all aware that it is through relationship that we are brought into the presence of God.”  Our people have always known that one of the most vital spiritual avenues – ways we can experience the mystery that is God -- is through relationship.

At Beth Chaim, we try to create as many possibilities for people in our community to get to know one another and to experience meaningful connections. These connections of meaning encourage our members to be there for one another in times of celebration and in times of need. This is what Jewish spiritual community has always been about and it is a core value here at Beth Chaim.

As rabbi of Beth Chaim I look forward to getting to know you. If you are joining as a family, I welcome the opportunity to meet and get to know everyone in the family. I believe one of the most significant challenges of spiritual community is to create as many opportunities as possible for people to be able to tell their stories. When people speak their truths about who they are, where they come from and what is most important to them in communal settings, it encourages more genuine connections with others and enables us to move beyond normative, superficial relationships into relationships of greater meaning.

I believe that Beth Chaim is probably unlike any other synagogue you may have belonged to or attended in the past. We are proud of our approach to renewing Judaism in a joyful and vital way. Our goal is to be a dynamic and caring spiritual home for our incredibly diverse members who come from every walk of Jewish life and many who are part of interfaith families. Our aim is to help everyone in our community find their pathway into a deeper and more meaningful relationship with Judaism, be it through Jewish learning for adults and children, social justice concerns, prayer and sacred music, or simply experiencing God through caring relationships that help us feel a part of something larger than ourselves.

Baruch Habah B’Shem Adonai –
It is a blessing that you have come, to make us all aware that it is through relationship that we are brought into the presence of God.


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Abuse Hotline

Are you, or someone you know, being abused?
If you need help, please contact:

(866) 742-5667 (SHALOM-7)