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Jewish learning encompasses so many facets of the world, and we like to extend beyond a traditional style classroom. We offer 3rd through 6th Graders a variety of paths of experiential Jewish learning, matching the various passions of our students, called chugim, or electives.  Each topic is connected with some relevant Jewish values, and some new Hebrew vocabulary. Topics rotate based on teacher’s passions and availability. Towards the end of each semester, part of our Sunday morning is devoted to a community-wide Hatzaga Day, in which the various chugim each share something that they have learned or created.

Here is a list of chugim one might choose from; usually five options are offered each semester:

  • Betzalel Brigade – Named after the artist God chose in the book of Exodus, this chug will introduce students to Jewish-themed visual art.
    Values include:
      Chiddur Mitzvah – to make a mitzvah especially beautiful
      B’Tzelem Elohim – In the image of G!d
      V’Ahavta Lereacha camocha – Love your neighbor (and your neighbor’s creation!) as yourself

  • Essen Kind – Want to know what the divine smell is issuing from the kitchen?  Follow your nose to meet our young Jewish chefs, cooking up tradition and new Israeli cuisine.
    Values include:
      Chachnasat Orchim – Hospitality
      Shmirat haGuf – Care of the Body
      Kashrut – eating in a holy way

  • Ivrit Street – A conversational Hebrew group.
    Values include:
      Eretz Yisrael – The Land of Israel
      Lashon Harah – not gossiping
      Lifnei Iver - Do not put a stumbling block in front of a blind person

  • Maggid Squad – Get to know famous ancient and modern Jewish storytellers, and then write and/or deliver stories of your own.
    Values include:
      Ta Shma – Come and Listen
      Midrash – Making the text your own
      Haggadah – retelling an ancient story

  • Rikudim Dreams – Learn Israeli dances, or dances inspired by famous Jewish choreographers.
    Values include:
      Shitoof Peula – cooperation
      Rina – Joy
      Yichud – Oneness with the Divine

  • Shirim Team – The Beit Midrash youth chorus and orchestra.  
    Values include:
      Simcha – Happiness
      Tikvah - Hope
      Sovlanut – Tolerance

  • Shin Guards – Enjoy physical activity, while investigating the Jewish values that make for good teamwork and sportsmanship.   
    Values include:
      Chevruta  - friendship
      Derech Eretz – Proper Behaviour
      Kavod – Honor and respect

  • Teatron Zone – An acting/theater group, performing plays or skits organized around Jewish themes.  
    Values include:
      Adam Yachid – Unique talents of every person
      Lashon Harah – Careful attention to speech
      Gemilut Chassadim – Acts of loving kindness

  • Yarok Stars – This group of students take an active role in our community garden.  
    Values include:
      Bal Taschit – do not destroy
      Ahavat HaBriyot – Love of G!d’s creation
      Avodah – worship

  • Talmud Tribe – Like a mock trial team, this chug is for students who want to look more deeply at our classic rabbinic arguments.
    Values include:
      Din and Rachamim – Justice and Mercy
      Talmud Torah – love of learning
      Machloket l’shem Shamayim – holy disagreement

We are always open to suggestions – if you have an exciting idea for a chug and free Sundays 10-12, give us a call at (925) 736-7146.

NOTE: Some chugim will involve an extra materials fee.  We will do our best to keep these fees moderate and reasonable.